Whimsy Wednesday: Gift Card Holder

Originally, I planned on doing some extra fun projects this past weekend and today. But, things didn’t go as planned. Instead, I caught a germ. My awesome Doctor says it sounds like C19. So, while the halo of fire seems to have passed, I am on quarantine through Sunday. I am much, much better off than so many people. For that I am grateful. I am sulky that I missed visiting for Yuletide as well as the village parade and luminaries. But, it is what it is.

I was determined to have a project for this last Whimsy Wednesday before Christmas. My brain fog made thinking of something a challenge. Then I realized how many people out there have packages in limbo and could use a cute space-holding gift or gift holder. This cute card holder can hold a gift card, a membership card, or a photo of a gift on its way.

My version uses a piece of melton wool 4″ by 8″ with one end rounded off. My snow friends are from my cabbage patch (scrap basket.)

You could use melton wool, wool flannel, fulled wool, felted wool, cotton flannel, felt – They key is to use a fabric that won’t ravel. If you are concerned your fabric might ravel, use a little fray-check. If you are in a hurry or have young hands helping you, a glue stick will work nicely for decorating.

Remember: I have several free projects available. These can make nice last minute gifts or fun ways of packaging. Please use them if you need.

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