Gifting Cards

Are you giving one of my e-publications as a gift?

With all the challenges of the pandemic, e-gifts are a wonderful way to give a gift.

But some may be wondering how do you give an e-gift? What do you wrap and put under the tree?

With those questions in mind, I decided to create printable Gifting Cards for you to print and wrap.

These are not gift cards, but Gifting Cards. They hold no monetary or purchasing value. They are stand-in cards that you can wrap to put under a tree or tuck in a holiday card. The actual e-gift must still be purchased from my Etsy shop and the PDF (or PDFs) forwarded to the gift recipient.

Suggessted steps:

  • Purchase an e-publications from my Etsy Shop. This could be one of my e-books, e-patterns, or In Detail series.
  • While logged into your Etsy account, go to your Etsy Purchases and download the PDF file or files to your computer. There may be more than one.
  • Please remember to make a separate purchase for each recipient.
  • Set a reminder to forward the PDF files to the gift recipient on the chosen day. If your email system allows scheduled emails, use that. It is a great feature. Note: You must forward the files not the email from Etsy. Some older email systems may have challenges with file size.
  • Open this PDF file of Gifting Cards and print the page for the e-gift you are giving. I suggest printing on cardstock and in color if you can.

I hope this makes your gifting easier this year. Thank you for your continued patronage.

E-Publications currently available (and on sale) in my Etsy for E-gifts:

  • From Field to Fashion: The Straw Bonnet
  • Paisley, Plaid, & Purled: Shawls of the Mid-Nineteenth Century
  • To Net, or Not to Net: Revisited
  • In Detail: The Blue Ribbon Sewing Case
  • In Detail: Pillow Pin-Ball
  • In Detail: The Velvet Slipper Pin Cushion
  • In Detail: The Velvet Embroidered Needle-book
  • Balloon Style Bag Project
  • Quilted Winter Hood Pattern
  • Lappet Style Quilted Winter Hood Pattern
  • Fichu Pattern

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