Winter Hood Challenge

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Which means it is time for a Winter Hood Challenge!

This January, I challenge you to make a Winter Hood. Your winter hood can be from any era, to meet the needs of your impression and region.

How to participate:

Join the Facebook Group: 2021 Winter Hood Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person. Group here.

We will begin discussion officially January 1st.

What to do:

Make a winter hood and share you progress. Your winter hood can be from any era and any region. *You do not need to use one of my patterns. But, it is awesome if you do.

Share your progress. This can include: pattern, directions, or inspiration piece, your material choices, and steps as you sew.


This is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose to do any era, region, and size sunbonnet. I also welcome those who wish to make doll scale.

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