Preparing for Winter… 2020

I am snug in my flannels pjs, wrapped up under two fuzzy, with Clara on my stomach watching one of Cornell’s bird cams. We are relaxing after a much needed day in the nineteenth century. Me. Not her.

Today was Preparing for Winter at the Genesee Country Village and Museum. My topic for the day was handmade gifts of the nineteenth century. I thought I would have time to record a short video of my “presentation.” But, the reality was… I took this video and a few too quick photos… Then I didn’t stop talking for 5+ hours.

I talked about finding gift suggestion lists in period publications. I talked about why slippers were a popular gift. I talked about the differences between a wallet and a purse. I talked about what children could have made and sample projects from An American Girl’s Book. I talked about “those squishy pillow things” aka dressing table pin cushions. I talked about pen wipers, which led me to discover several visitors remembered them from childhood when the wrote with pen and ink. One in particular I wish I could have spent more time with as she was nearly in tears on the edge of her memory.

I have so much more to say about today, but I find I am tired. Possibly more later….

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