Whimsy Wednesday: Fish Pin-Keep

I had a solid plan: Post Office, then home to tell you fabulous things about the fishy! Well… Then I saw the maintenance man had changed the hvac filter. This meant I could move the utility closet boxes back from the millinery room. Wththat, I had a great idea to put some in the bedroom closet. I did bad. I dropped a box on my head. Corner right down on the top. It hurts. There is a lump.

Oh. The whole point of recording Tuesday was because Wednesday there is a big finals game in town that half the town will be live streaming.

Back to the fishy……

This is such a darling and incredibly well made piece. I am giddy honored to have it.

The detail in pin-keep is just amazing. It is smaller than most pin-keeps I’ve studied, being just under 3 1/2″ long. Some of the pins are set at an angle to fit. I suspect these pins are also shorter than usual. I don’t want to take one out because the silk and paper layers are delicate. Parts of the coloring appear to be ink. Other parts, particularly th scales on the dark blue areas, appear to be an opaque paint. I think the lace was added later. It probably was a good thing to help with handling. (then I go and drop it on camera.)

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