Whimsy Wednesday

Today’s chat includes some reproduction bog oak bracelets and my current mini-project: toilet cushions.

Violet would like you to know the anchor, rose, cross broach is a perfect size for a doll. The dog, tree, and rose pin seems like it may suit a larger doll as well.

The maker of my bracelets and broaches is Victorian Hair Workers International over on Ebay. Please go take a look at their work. The seller is very helpful in answering questions. I prefer the matte finish of the bog oak line over the Whitby jet line. I find the feel of the bog oak bracelets quite lovely on my wrists. I have yet to hold their other finishes in hand.

I feel I can not mention one artisan I am currently fond of and purchasing from, without mentioning another. (I did say I love this type of jewelry.) Please take a look at the work of Beth Miller Hall, who offers her work on Etsy. Beth shares her research and work processes on her Facebook page.

I do not know if another artisan I have pieces from is currently producing or not. I will check in and let you know if this is the case.

I finished up the blue on blue stripe cushion using the alternate method. While I am satisfied enough, I did find the corners did not fill out quite as well. I also found this method resulted in more puckering along the side. This puckering will be covered in trim, yet to be determined. I am hoping to find a pink or berry in my stash to ruche for the blue. I will make a button or rosette for the center of the blue as the in perfection of that 8 piece point in the center is emphasized when the cushion is filled.

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  1. Just purchased from Beth Miller Hall; thank you for mentioning her Etsy site. Hoping that you (and all at your school) are staying well. Pets to Clara.

  2. Good to hear. I love her work.
    We are dping our best at school. Our maintance and tech staff have been amazing.
    Clara says Thank You.

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