Whimsy Wednesday – Clara’s Christmas Friends

I have been looking forward to sharing this feel good project as part of my Share the Spirit initiative for Whimsy Wednesday. I never expected that in the days leading up to this cat theme, that friends would suddenly lose their dear feline family members. When I read of the first loss, I had one of these kitties on my lap getting it’s filling. I had been planning this video when I read the latest. Both brough tears and added more meaning to this feline project.

I hope you enjoy this project whether it be a holiday feel good or something more memorial.

(I don’t know what happened with the video. My phone split it into two parts. I have yet not resubscribed to WeVideo for editing it back together.)

The end bit

Click on the cat thumbnail for the pdf template:

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  1. I love-love the look of the kitties made with the heirloom fabrics! Nice job

  2. Anna, are you talking about “Clara” from the nutcracker?

  3. In this case, Clara is the cat that sometimes is on the videos. She was named after Clara Ozwald on Doctor Who.

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