Ag Fair 2020

It was a damp 46 degrees when I left the house to head for Ag Fair. I didn’t care. With layers of wool and silk, I was ready and comfy. This was a much needed escape to my favorite place and one of my favorite events.

It did feel weird not entering this year. This may account for some sub-conscious crankiness on Friday. Apologies to those in my path that day. This year two big tents filled the Great Meadow. The trio of sheep and mother son pair of alpaca got to be the animal stars, along with two small ponies pulling carts around the village square. Food was in abundance from piping hot cocoa and coffee with donuts to kettle corn to yummy struddle. Music filled the meadow from the stage platform on the hill. Who knew that relatively new and simple addition would become an advantage this year.

I was delighted to see faces I haven’t seen in person in years. ❤❤❤

On way to the village, a tent was set to give guest interpreter, Cheyney McKnight, ample space for visitors to safely stand and watch. Her dish this morning was in recognition of Sojourner Truth; a dish with potatoes and kale.

In the village square, you could learn about Temperance, Phrenology, how corn was processed, and watch a Punch’n’Judy show.

The corn demonstration area became a magnet for young visitors. Ar one point, I heard 3 languages spoken as these kids were captiveted by the tasks. Yet they managed to keep safely distant.

Of course, there was lots to buy from local artisans and agri-merchants. I set aside a budget so I could support some of my small, local businesses:

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