Whimsy Wednesday – Workroom Tour

For this Whimsy Wednesday I share a rough look at my work space along with the story about its sudden reorganization this past weekend.

I think I forgot to mention in the video the main use of this work space being for examing originals along with some cutting and laying out of projects.

Here is the video I mentioned that prompted me to take the step, then leap into this much needed change. If anyone know Bernadette, please tell her I say thank you for the much needed nudge.

Btw – I think Clara was upset she was no longer able to be part of the to-do. After I finished recording, she just sat on the back of the couch. This tells me I may need to make a Clara spot or stool. I did not think she could make that jump. That will not be a Clara acceptable space.

Coming Soon: A little project that will need a feline-esque or cozy fabric, approx 11″×16″. I will be using a fulled wool, a Family Heirloom Weavers remnant, and a fun quilt shop fabric for each of my samples.

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