Personal Linens Challenge (August 2020)

Personal linens protect your clothes from… well…. the biology of life.

All too often, our personal linens become an after thought or an overly procrastinated project.

This challenge is to make personal linens for your wardrobe. This can include: cuffs – collars – kerchiefs – fichus.

As with the previous challenged, this is for fun, you set your authenticity goals, you pick your era.

How to participate:

Join the Facebook Group: Linens Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person.

We will begin discussion officially August 1st.

What to do:

Decide what personal linens you need and share your progress as you make it or them. Your project can be from any era and any region.

Share your progress. This can include: pattern, directions, or inspiration piece, your material choices, and steps as you work.


This is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose to do any era, region, and size container. I also welcome those who wish to work in doll scale.

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  1. What a great idea! I don’t do FB but will make the combinations I’ve been wanting. And maybe some drawers to go with last year’s shift.

  2. Wonderful!

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