Apron Challenge (July 2020)

Aprons can be simple utilitarian necessities to highly embellished accessories. They can be made of cotton, wool, linen or silk. They can be torn and tattered…. Crisp, white, and pressed…. Ruffled and embroidered. Aprons can also be a great way to connect with guests.

With this in mind, I invite you to join the July 2020 Apron Challenge.

Plus, who couldn’t use another apron?

How to participate:

Join the Facebook Group: 2020 Apron Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person.

We will begin discussion July 1st.

What to do:

Make an apron and share your progress. Your apron can be from any era and any region.

Share your progress. This can include: pattern, directions, or inspiration piece, your material choices, and steps as you sew.


This is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose to do any era, region, and size apron. I also welcome those who wish to make doll scale aprons.

Notes: The Sunbonnet Challenge will continue until everyone feels they have successfully completed their project(s). There will be an August challenge: Personal Linens.

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  1. Anna, why did you put the apron challenge on facebook, not on youtube (I am not a big fan on social media). But some people did not like using social media. And why did you not put the challenge on the blog

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