Summer Video Series – Bonnet Stays

Today’s video talks about how to keep a bonnet on your head and attach a bonnet stay or crossband. Please read my previous article on Bonnet Stays for more information and photos. Find velvet covered Crossbands available at Timely Tresses.

Sorry for the quick end to the video. My allergies were getting really irritating and about to be problematic.

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  1. Does a bonnet stay work with a day cap worn under the bonnet? As you know,I have short hair and always wear a day cap. I have the functional ties on my straw bonnet (one of yours) but the bonnet likes to slide off the back of my head!

  2. I haven’t tried it personally. I would think it should. If the stay sits on top of the cap it should be okay. A net could be a little more problematic in that they may interfere with each other as the bonnet comes off.

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