Summer Video Series – Follow Afroculinaria

For this first Follow Friday, I want to introduce you to Micheal Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene and the blog Afroculinaria. His latest post is a nice introduction to his heart-filled writing style and the evolving story if The Cooking Gene.

Today is Juneteenth. Please take some time to learn about the importance of this day:

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  1. Click on the articles and videos. They will explain better than I.

  2. Anna, does Juneteenth celebrated by Canadians or Americans, do Canadians celebrate it as well.

  3. I do not know.

  4. Anna, why are you talking about following afroculinaria, in the summer video series

  5. Because every Friday during the series I will share a blog or vlog or merchant or artisan I think viewers should know about.

  6. Anna, I have never heard of Juneteenth before, can you please tell me what that holiday is

  7. Anna, clicking on articles and videos are helpful

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