Summer Video Series – Welcome!

Welcome to the first day of the Summer Video Series!

Today, I introduce the new series and talk about how I got started making millinery.

The Summer Video Series will have a daily format with these theme days:

  • Millinery Monday – A variety of milliney topics
  • Tiny Tuesday – Sharing some of my dolls and doll projects
  • Whimsey Wednesday – Talking about and making pen-wipers, pincushions and such.
  • Thursday – Show’n’Tell
  • Follow Friday – Bloggers, vloggers, artisans, and merchants you should know.
  • Weekend – Projects or topics to be determined.

I plan to title each day’s video post with “Summer Video Series” and a sorta subtitle. This way the series is easily searchable but each day is more easily identifiable. The videos will likely stay numbered over in YouTube.

The easiest way to get daily notifications of new videos and post is to subscribe to this blog. There are two options to the right (or below on some mobile devices.) One option is to subscribe through a WordPress Blog Feed. The other option is to subscribe via email. I know some people are following my videos in YouTube. I understand that may be easier. But, I worry they may miss some content found in each blog post such as additional photos, descriptions, notes, and patterns or templates.

The Facebook groups will remain the same. I may update the name.

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  1. I am doing a summer video series to continue what I started sith the community cast, but acknowledge we have both transitioned into a new phase of the pandemic and a new season of the year. I believe it is important to continue to provide an entertaining yet, hopefully, educational, resource for those who continue to feel the effects of the pandemic on their lives, be it through staying at home, limiting their social interaction, or facing increased stress at work.
    I find WordPress gives me a platform to reach those who do not use other forms of social media. I also find it allows me to share more thoroughly than other platforms as I can share videos, photos, and patterns in pdf, as well as text.

  2. Anna, what is the summer series video, what does it talk about

  3. Anna, why did you want to create the summer video series, and why did you put it on your blog

  4. Thank you!

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