Project Reflection

Given the seasonal transition today represents, as abstract as it feels, I am reflecting on the state of projects.

Okay, so, I sorta just did this with my UFOs list. Well, it is really on my mind. I keep resorting them in my mind.

I needed to go back to my February Reflections to see what the list looked like then

Much of this is on hold or fallen off my attention list. The pink plaid parasol became the brown parasol, which is in progress. The wool petticoat and modern silk bag are complete.

My list of projects has evolved with the circumstances…..

Works in Progress

  • Brown parasol
  • White sunbonnet
  • Birdcage Windsor Chair

Projects in the Works

  • Modern dress from a sari
  • Modern robe a la bed gown from a sari
  • Pink sunbonnet

Projects in the Wings

  • Ticking embroidery
  • Millinery for me
  • Leafy fabric quilt

Projects in My Head

  • 1830s dress (this has moved up in the list of interests)
  • Crazy straw hat
  • Check kerchief
  • Stripe fichu
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  1. Hi Allison,
    The image didn’t come through. I will email you.
    I think I have a little green left.

  2. And…. Congratulations on the summer position!

  3. Hi Anna, I was wondering if you have any of the green straw left to make a hat in this shape from your 2019 gallery.

    I would just want the hat and would trim it myself.  I was just given a summer school position (yea!) so I think I can afford it.  We don’t have any events this summer so it would not be a rush. 🙂 Allis

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