GCVM Stroll

I reserved a time to take a stroll through the Genesee Country Village and Museum this morning.

Members are currently invited to reserve a time to walk through the village while the buildings are still closed. Guests are asked to wear a mask, as are all staff. Friendly signs remind us to social distance and not linger or crowd in respect for each other.

I recorded several short Instagram friendly video clips I thought people would enjoy. While it would be nice to combine them all, I haven’t renewed my WeVideo account. These are hand held videos while I walk. So, you hear my mask breathing and footsteps.

Around the village square along Plank Street

The village square from The corner

Up Church Street

Through the orchard toward Jones

Behind Hyde

By Shaker towards the Oxen

The oxen…

Looking up Hill Street

Down to the farm

Back up to the square

A stop at the not-millinery steps….

And a few other photos.

(the squirrel and chipmunk are proof I’ve been inside too long.)

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  1. This is my first day out of the house since the shutdown for the pandemic. The museum is allowing members to walk around the village while the buildings are still closed. Reserving a time slot is required.
    I thought it would be nice to share what the village looks like this spring since so many people are not able to see it.

  2. Anna, why are you walking and taking pictures of the museum, and the village I have always done that when I am in Black Creek Pioneer Village.

  3. Some day I would love to visit! It looks like such an interesting place and how special that you have it nearby!!

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