Reining in the UFOs

As I mentioned in my video, I had this idea that the pandemic pause would bs a good time to finish up some UFOs*. I was dillusional. I just couldn’t concentrate for the first several weeks. Small projects were the extent of my concentration level.

This left me with the UFOs of the past, um, year… Plus some new UFOs. I am defermined to get some of these completed. Here is a roll call of the UFOs:

Birdcage chair – This project is still in the same state it was in March. The chair needs the pegs cut off, sanding, and painting. I still need to buy paunt2. The chair has done an excellent job holding video materials though.

Wool undersleeves – These were meant for this past winter. I wanted a pair of quick undersleeves I could wear for work. Well, the certainly were not quick. These were finished Monday night during a Zoom meeting.

Wool petticoat – This was a project from December. I managed to get two of the stripes of ribbon on in March, each taking a full evening. It is currently on my lap getting set to the waistband.

Liberty – This doll was started earlier on in the pause. I decided between a fortune teller doll and a patriotic doll. I sorta think the fortune teller could have taken a bizarre twist if I had started that. Liberty’s body, underclothes, and dress have been made for a while. I finished her tiara this morning. She still needs her sash, banner, and tbd other accessories.

Parasol – This project sat for a year, took some turns, started out strong….. And has sat over there on the quilt rack for two weeks. The ruched trim is pinned in place over the lace. I just have to stitch it down.

Three soft crowns – I have been very slowly working on a trio of soft crown bonnets, each of which were to be worn by friends and clients during local July events. I’ve been struggling with creativity, making thier progress delayed. These must get done soon.

Sunbonnet(s) – I don’t know if these technically should count at UFOs since the Sunbonnet Challenge is currently underway. Bit, just for accountability, I am including them. One is a white, semi-sheer. The other is a plaid wool.

Bag or Blanket – This is a modern fabric project that I need to include since the fabric was purchased with the intent of being a “Pause” project. The pretty leafy fabric just cant2 decide which it wants to be.

I think that is every thing….. I think.

*UFOs are UnFinished Objects.


wool petticoat

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