Community Cast Video Day 87

Today’s video takes a look at my earlier straw sewing and my learning curve.

As the video uploads, I am worried I didn’t say Kim Lynch’s name when I showed the bonnet made from her pattern.

For the transition from the Community Cast to the Summer Video Series (name?), I need feedback on the transition timing, how important weekend content is in light of canceled events, and types of projects. Currently, I am planning on:

  • Millinery Monday
  • Tuesday – Doll day?
  • Whimsey Wednesday
  • Thursday – Maker/merchant day
  • Friday – Show’n’tell
  • Weekend – Project or ???
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  1. Good title

  2. Teach Me Tuesday

  3. Love the name Summer Series. Let’s us remember that time is moving, even if we aren’t! Like the proposed daily topics. Like the June 15th transition date. That is the same date the VA gov has set for our next phrase of reopening (but not for museums).

  4. Because I try to talk about millinery (bonnets and hats) on Mondays.

  5. Anna, why are you showing your bonnet, in your videos

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