Community Cast Day 82

Today’s video includes a myriad of…. Thunderstorm light shows, rain, blanket lint, doll plans.

Flashback…. I thought it would be nice to share some of my previous videos. Here is a demo I did last April during the Antique Show and Sale.

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  1. Anna, why are you going to an antique show

  2. This was 2019. The museum holds an annual antique show. These are popular in this area.

  3. Anna, what is the GCVM, I never heard of it before.

  4. The Genesee Country Village and Museum is an open air history museum covering the 19th century. They have a large collection of buildings, including homes, businesses, and agricultural buildings, depicting village life.

  5. I was a volunteer doing various presentations.

  6. Anna, why are you wearing a civil war costume

  7. It is one of the many eras I do while at the museum.

  8. Anna did you know the museums I told you earlier: The ROM, The Mint Museum, and Black Creek Pioneer Village.

  9. I had to look up the Mint Museum. As soon as I saw the glass scuplture, I recognized it.
    I think I’ve had workshop attendees from Black Creek.
    The ROM has been one I would like to visit.
    What kinds of art interest you?

  10. So, Anna, I like historic art and victorian art like Vincent Van Gogh, Elizabeth Le Burn, George Seurat, Leonardo De Vinci, and others. My favorite paintings are Starry night, A summer Sunday on la grande de Jatte. What is you favorite type of art?

  11. I, too, am a fan of Van Gogh. I also like genre paintings, some wildlife art, and miniatures.
    (my tablet’s battery is going to run out soon.)

  12. Anna, what did you do at the museum, in 2019

  13. Anna, what is your favorite thing at the museum, you went to

  14. I am having trouble keeping up with your questions. I am going to try to answer a few in the videos.

  15. Ok Anna, that is a very great idea.

  16. Anna, when did you started going to the GCVM

  17. But, your museum is like the village I have gone to back in May of 2016, The GCVM is the museums that I will visit Anna! Thanks for sharing what you have done last year!

  18. I have been to a museum-like that, Anna: but it is simpler than the GCVM, it was called Black Creek Pioneer Village, it has lots of agricultural buildings, just like the museum you went to. This was when I was so young, I had started thinking about the olden days. Love your post-Anna: thank you for sharing! Here is the link to my village that I have gone to

  19. Yay, summer crafts! Pincushions! Whimsies! Doll-size Miniatures! Thank you, Anna!

  20. Thank you!

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