Surprise Arrival!

While sitting on my patio, pondering the heavy Chewy box, the Postal delivery person walked up with a package for me. As I was not expecting a small box at all, I was puzzled and curious. He read off Royal Air and international delivery. My puzzlement and curiosity increased and stomped on my package caution. I was thrilled and completely perplexed when I turned it over, seeing where it was from: The School of Historical Dress.

I remember wanting this book, really wanting this book. I do not remember ordering this book. I think someone sent it to me.

Thank you!!!!

This book is amazing. I’ve only spent a few minutes with it as the vodeo uploads slowly from the patio. The photos are amazing combining full piece shots with close up details. The layout is inspiring, just what I would love to accomplish when I get my winter hood book together.

Just a quarter of the way in, I have had moments of “Oooo” and “oh” and “I need to do that for….”

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  1. Ha, I have one of those heavy Chewy boxes on my porch right now. Telling myself I’m de-virusing it, but really I just need to open it up and drag the cat food indoors.

  2. Given the construction/maintance people going in and out the door adjacent to mine, I decided to walk it in through my door. I would have liked to let it air like I do most other things.

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