Adventures in Combs

A few days ago, the beads I ordered arrived. I’ve been making all mail sit before opening it. This morning, I allowed myself to open the package.

These beads were purchased from an Etsy seller’s destash. So, I was able to get them cheap. Very cheap.

A little back ground – I purchased this pair of original side combs some months back. They appear to be rubber with glass beads. The beads are attached with wire set into holes in the combs.

I want recreate the look so I can have combs to safely wear. Danielle, from Timely Tresses, found this style comb which is a fairly close comparison.

The combs arrived just prior to isolation. As isolation started, I was a little sad that I had the combs but not the beads. I had debated for too long about whether to try setting beads in with wire or to try glueing them. I finally made my little bead order.

That brings us back to today.

After this morning’s video, I opened the package and got to work.

I decided to trim off the top edge of each comb to get a flat surface. I used an exacto knife and sand paper. I had little black bits all over the work surface. I think I took about a millimeter off the top, maybe more. This gave a 2mm flat spot to glue to. The photos don’t show it too well.

I decided not to add beads to the face of the comb for this set. The front is curved both along the comb and on that ridge. To set the beads here, spots would beed to be flattened. Flat beads may sit better too. But, I haven’t found those on originals yet.

I used the E6000 I have on hand to glue them. This was weird for me because I just don’t use something so modern for period items. I liked how the adhesive came out of the tube with an opening just right for the beads. I found if I let the adhesive bubble sit for a minute it got thicker and seemed easier to stick in the right place. I decided to do the ends first. Then the center. This left space for one bead in between as two was going to be too tight.

The combs needed to stand upright for the beads to dry. This photo is after about an hour of drying. They are back up on end now.

The holes in the tops of the beads do bother me a bit. I set them this way because I thought the holes would be least visible. Now, I think setting them sideways, with the holes pointing towards each other may have been better. I am also considering adding tiny beads to the tops of these beads to cover the holes. I am going to need tweezers for that.

When I know they are firm, I will try them on my hair.

After cutting down the top of the comb, I am tempted to try to pierce holes into the tops. That would require a heavy needle, pliers, and a candle. I do have a source for beads with wires set in. That is tbd.

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