Community Cast Video Day 52

Today is Millinery Monday. I ended up sorting some ribbons in this video.

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  1. Hello Anna and the ever-entertaining Miss Clara!
    Thank you for these videos! A friend & I are watching you faithfully as we (independently) sew medical grade fabric into facemasks for hospital nurses. We are both reenactors and period seamstresses for the 1850s & 1860s in museum houses in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. You are a refreshing and relaxed instructor in this stress. You have asked for topic suggestions, and I have some: Millinery Monday (love it!), Talking Tuesday (helpful websites, dealers, products you like, supplies needed for work-project Wed.), Work-Project Wednesday, Time-to-Share Thursday (your sewing tips, anything on dolls/doll accessories, sewing trinkets & baskets, storage), Photo Friday (share photos of your projects, how you dress for reenacting at Genesee Country Museum, what/where you demonstrate at the museum, what you take to reenacting such as projects, bags, baskets).
    Thanks from N & C

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