Community Cast Video Day 51

Today’s video chats about slipper pincushions and Ag Fair Ribbons.

I did get the ribbons organized and the board hung. I went a walk right after. I’ll go for another later. It is so nice out.

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  1. I have a question for you. Do you ever make silk ribbon flowers for your hats/bonnets? If so, could you give us a lesson? If not, where do you get them?

  2. If you mean flowers made from ribbons, I do not because I can not document their use.

  3. Ok. I just thought that they would have used ribbon to make flowers. I would guess they didn’t always use real flowers, so what did they use?

  4. There was a whole flower making industry developing. Silk fabrics would be cut with dies to make the petals and leaves. Then each silk piece would be shaped with little irons. The petals and leaves were assembled by hand.

    It is a facinating sub-section of millinery. I’ve been very tempted to give it a try. But, the original dies for cutting are expensive. It is possible to get modern electric shaping irons. Smaller sets can be had for just under a hundred.

    There are directions in Godey’s for how to make your own flowers too. One year, I can’t recall which just now, had a series of directions with something new each month.

  5. This link goes along with my reply above. It is some of the dies.

  6. I should have told you that I am a dancer in a civil war dance group and am trying to create a unique but appropriate hair decoration be it comb or otherwise. Any ideas? I have been looking around at some Godey’s pics and pinterest.

  7. Great. “Back in the day” I was in the museum’s dance group.
    There are many options.
    Did you catch the posts I’ve been doing on combs? Those can be simple or a embellished.
    There are lots of headdresses. I did a workshop on constructing the bases for the more structured ones. The nice thing about these is they can take a lot of movement and the occasional arm brushing the head during arches, dips and dives.
    I am partial to bandeau styles that are basically a circle foundation with an arrangement of ribbons or flowers in the back.
    Here are some posts I’ve done on these. I can bring some pieces out to talk about on tomorrow or Monday’s video.

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