Community Cast Video Day 50

Today’s video updates the progress on Liberty’s clothing and a look at one of my favorite local books.

When you are next in the area, be sure to visit the Ontario County Historical Society. (I just saw there is another book I need.)

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I am a regular follower of your videos – enjoy them very much.
    I am a reproduction antique doll maker and I also recreate antique coll costumes. I love your red and white petticoat – just perfect for her. I would like to suggest a solution to the puffiness around the waistline. If you would cartridge pleat the skirt of the petticoat, it would control the puffiness you have. These laid gathers will allow you to place miles of fabric into a very small waistline and have the top of the skirt or petticoat lay very flat. This will allow your skirt to look better over the top of the petticoat. I am sure you have seen this in antique doll and people’s clothing. I personally use this technique regularly in my doll costuming and really enjoy sewing it.

  2. I did gauge this petticoat. Gauging being another name for cartridge pleating. I like to use the same techniques I use for my own clothing for my dolls’ clothing.
    I grabbed every other stripe in this fabric. That worked out to a 4mm stitch for this skirt.

  3. Sorry – I could not see that.

  4. I didn’t show it well.
    I didn’t realize how many doll people I have watching. I need to stop rushing over my dolls.

  5. Hi Anna,  Yes I imagine there are a number of us who follow you.  I always love the educational part of your videos as well as how-to.I thought I would attach an underpetticoat in red/white I did recently using cartridge pleating/gauging/laid gathers.  I just so reminded me of what you are doing with your little china.

  6. I have an idea for you… your pinking machines. You used them to do the edges of your pen wipers. You made them ahead of time so we didn’t get to see them. Day 1 could be the pinker and Day 2 could be tips and tricks.

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