Community Cast video day 47

Today’s video shows how to put the layers of a pocket if pockets together.

There is a delay in my finished pocket as my head got funky after recording.

It was back on day 28 when I last did a projects list. 19 days later, I feel the need to update it. Here is the updated project log. I wrote it around midnight. So, I sispect I am missing a couple video projects.

  • I am currently working on the 17th straw millinery piece
  • I am going to count the 47 daily videos, plus 2 additional videos.
  • 1 doll hat
  • 1 doll to become my patriotic doll, her chemise and petticoat.
  • A much delayed brown velvet hair net
  • A still in progress wool petticoat
  • Silk “poppins” bag
  • Cotton stripe bag
  • Stripe bag Clara decided should be a cat cave
  • A couple masks as required
  • Video projects include:
  • 2 thread balls
  • 3 pen wipers
  • 3 simple pockets
  • 2 apples, 2 chilis
  • Spool holder
  • 2 pin pockets
  • Balloon bag
  • Pocket of pockets (today’s)
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