Community Cast Video Day 43

Today’s video looks at some of my favorite hair things.

A couple notes: In the video, I stumble over the words sutler and merchant. Sutlers are a very specific entity. The vast majority of people selling at events are merchants, not sutlers. A sutler is a portral, an interpretation rather than just a seller. There are some well done sutler impressions from what I understand. I do not have experience with them because they are a military entity, not a civilian one. My semi-sarcastic use of the word sutler was ill mannered.

Since I talked about trying to recreate the hair combs with the jet glass, I should have mentioned I wear reproductions to events, not originals, and why. It is as simple as originals get lost and originals get damaged. Years, many years, ago, I had a custom piece made by a nice, local jeweler who specializes in estate jewelry. It was lovely. It cost a week’s sallary. I was so excited to wear it. I lost it the first day I wore it. I have not worn an expensive or original piece to an event since.

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting my pomade! My web shop is and the pomade is in the ‘toiletries’ section.



  2. Thanks for spotlighting my hair pomade! It can be found in the ‘toiletries’ section at



  3. Thank you for spotlighting my hair pomade! It can be found in the ‘toiletries’ section at



  4. I would love to learn more about hair nets, combs, and containers. My hair bits live in a round metal cookie tin.

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