Infringement and Ethics

Today was supposed to be productively focused on a pretty white bonnet, a PowerPoint for next weekend, a new publication, and a really cool collaborative announcement.

Instead, I find I must address something that has been bothering me for a while:

Infringing on Intellectual Property Rights

It is entirly possible the listing I saw today was a one-time mistake from someone who doesn’t know. But the reality is unethical use of other’s work has been a problem for years.

Selling items made from someone’s pattern or directions, whether sold or free, is not ethical.

Selling items made from what one learns in a of one learns in a workshop or class is not ethical.

Taking someone’s research and republishing without credit is not ethical.
From a legal perspective:

Each of my e-publications in my Etsy shop are protected by copyright. Fanciful Utility is protected by copyright. All of my books are registered with the Library of Congress. A copyright statement accompanies each of my project templates and directions on my blogs.

I hate that I find I need to address this at a time like this, but here it is. Please, do your part in understanding Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, and the ethical use of others work. Help those new to this field or hobby understand them as well.

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  1. This is such an important issue! While you have politely called the practice of someone profiting off your work “unethical,” IMHO it is really stealing and should be labeled as such.

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