Community Cast Video Day 28

Today’s video is mostly chat covering one of Clara’s favorite things, two things I use for my hands and wrists, tips on how to shrink my ballon style bag to doll size, and an introduction to Don’t Paint the Cat, one of my other blogs.

Wow. This wraps up 4 weeks of videos. These four weeks are bit of a fog for me. (I just deleted a bunch of sad reality stuff.)

I’ve been keeping a log of what I’ve made:

  • 1860 hat
  • 1880 hat
  • 2 thread balls
  • Regency bonnet
  • 3 pen wipers
  • 1860 hat
  • Silk “poppins” bag
  • Cotton stripe bag
  • 3 simple pockets
  • Petite brim hat
  • Dome style hat – Chapeaux cloche
  • 2 apples, 2 chilis
  • Stripe bag Clara decided should be a cat cave
  • Mousquetaire hat
  • 1860 bonnet #1
  • Spool holder
  • Doll body for patriotic doll
  • Wool petticoat in progress
  • A couple masks as required

I’ve decided I want to do a gallery of projects from viewers. If you’ve made one of the projects from the videos, I would love to show them off.

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