Community Cast Video Day 17

Today is a Millinery Monday, with this video looking at two hat blocks.

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  1. Anna, not related to today’s subject, but I ran across this and wondered if you had seen it – it made me laugh! Not for public post, just don’t have your email address!

    Collection: Frank Leslie’s Weekly
    Publication: Frank Leslie’s Weekly
    Date: JULY 2, 1864
    Title: CHIT-CHAT WITH THE LADIES.Pincushions.WHEN feminine human nature



    WHEN feminine human nature wants to bestow a gift, and is uncertain as to what its nature should be, it always pitches upon a pincushion. When it is asked suddenly what it will contribute to any benevoent object, it at once says: “A dozen pincushions.” When it has nothing to do with its fingers, it makes a pincushion. Millions of those cushions have been bought for the sake of the heathen—for the sake of young ministers about to be dispatched on missions, lately millions more for the soldiers.

    The cushions manufactured for their good would, stitched together, make comfortable mattresses for the whole army, and leave some over for pillows.

    Very industrious, certinly. But, alas! not original. Persons go to Fairs, gaze about them, remember with a groan the closets full of pincushions at home, and go away without investing. Young men are stuffed, so to speak, with pincushions—mamas, sisters, maiden aunts and young lady friends bestow them in showers. Old gentlemen are in the same condition—the ladies can make them for themselves—and we would respectfully suggest to the managers of the next fancy Fair, that with an eye to fair returns they publish this announcement: “All contributions thankfully received, except pincushions.”

  2. Good morning,
    I have really been enjoying your daily videos!
    I am somewhat confused about the hat blocks today.
    Can you explain how they are used in your straw hat making? They seem to be more than for shaping. If you set the plaster blocks, obviously that would not work.
    Thank you!

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