Community Cast Video Day 16

Today’s video takes a little detour with one of my favourite modern products.

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  1. Judy Jett, from Florida, watching your videos. Loving them all. Somehow I missed the #9 on little straw do-dads (can’t remember what they are called). Love the pin ball and utility pockets! Can we see how you make you straw doll hats and bonnets? Need camera on your hands like when you did pin balls. Some dolls clothes? Just a bit about myself. I am a night-time hospice nurse who is also the primary caregiver for my Mom. Sewing is something I have to be in the mood for or I spend a lot of time ripping things out. Would so love to meet you in person! I have your Fanciful Utility book and one of your straw bonnets. Because you do such a wonderful job making them, I have been working on decorating it for 5 yrs now. I know, I know, you are thinking what could she possibly be putting on that bonnet that is taking 5 yrs. Welllll, I am a very insecure person when it comes to things like that so I won’t work on it unless I have someone with me that knows what is period correct or not. My mentor passed away suddenly in January and our whole group is devastated. That being said, when I Do get it finished, I will send a picture of it. Thank you for doing these videos. Even though I, myself, am Not in isolation due to work, it is so nice to look forward to some thing that is Not Covid-19 related!

  2. Hi,
    I am a member of several different groups where I have seen your hats and bonnets. I always loved seeing them. They are so well done and researched. I was surprised to see your videos because in my mind, I pictured you as an older woman. (Think Professor McGonagal from Harry Potter.) I was surprised by what a wise young lady you are! (I will be 65 in December.) I got involved, originally, by working for the National Park Service as an interpreter at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Then I did fur trade and civil war reenacting, too. I have gotten too old to deal with setting up my elaborate camp for them, though, and haven’t done it for several years. I also have an interest in medieval, renaissance, Jane Austen, Outlander and many other periods. I have very much enjoyed your daily videos. Thank you!

  3. Anna,
    I am also a museum professional. I am at home with my 4 children. I watch every day. My 11 year old daughter usually watches with me. Your videos have become the highlight of our day.
    As for topics, I would like to see more about your dolls. I am in the process of dressing one right now. I would also like to see more about belts. I have an amazing MOP one with prongs but have no idea how to wear it. My group goes ice slaking every year so the bonnets would be great especially how to add fur to the front edge.
    Thanks for continuing to do this every day.

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