Community Cast Video- Day 6

Today’s video includes: a hello from Clara, declaration of not needing a bra, how-to make a thread pin ball.


  • Wool yarn for the core or scraps of cotton and batting
  • Crochet cotton
  • A long needle
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Crewel wool, wool yarn, or embroidery floss

Changing thread

Work from both ends or “poles”. This shows how to cover the crochet thread on the very end that I skipped in the video.

Thread pin balls saved in my tablet

Potential Future How-tos:

  • Pen wipers
  • Woven ribbon pincushions
  • Requests????
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  1. This is my introductory video to your blog, and I have to say that I enjoyed the instruction for the needle ball. As I don’t know what the normal process is for your videos, I would enjoy seeing an example of a pen wipe go together. I’ve collected pics of pen wipes for several years, as I think they are charming, as well as saving some example with instructions from occasional Godey’s issues. Thank you, I’m looking forward to making an attempt at this needle ball.

  2. Thank you for watching.
    I will show the pen wipers soon. I have a couple originals and a bunch of reproductions I’ve made.

  3. I am going through your posts and I’m loving the daily updates. Hopefully I will catch up to all of the current ones. I ended up making a thread pin ball based on your instructions. It is a little wonky but it still has a lot of charm. I hope to make another with a walnut shell core soon enough. Where would be a good place to post a picture of the finished product. It does not look like I can do that in a blog comment.

  4. I love seeing people’s projects. If you are on Facebook, I just started a group for these projects. The link is in today’s video post.

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