Community Cast Video- Day 3

I almost didn’t post this one because I am out of sorts. But, one of my goals is to keep this real. So, here is day 3.

Today’s morning video covers: Headdresses, this week’s must-dos, a summary of what I collect.

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  1. I saw the pincushion video- so beautiful! I’m intrigued by patchwork pincushions as they’re a good way to use up smaller bits of fabric. I’ve found a couple online through Pinterest. Do you know anything about the popularity of them in the mid-19th century?
    Give Clara a pet from me! Cyber hugs!!


  2. I have seen numerous patchwork type pincushion from the span of the 19th century. Some use a different fabric for each side or component such as cubes or little hexagons. If I am remembering correctly, there are a couple in either the Leslie or the other girl’s books.
    Which reminds me of another pincushion that should be in the basket.

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