February Reflections

For a little month, February sure has been packed full this year.

New Publications

I released two new publications this month. In Detail: Blue Ribbon Sewing Case is the first of a series of In Detail e-publications. This volume looks closely at an original sewing case made entirely from a blue plaid ribbon. Next, Balloon Style Workbag


My hands were busy this month. I sewed 10 straw millinery pieces, decorating most of them. I really enjoyed decorating a bunch back to back. I still have several decorating ideas in my head too.

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Little Projects

There were several little projects I worked on as well.

This first one was a spur-of-the-moment making. As I was neatening up the coffee trunk, I decided I had enough of the over-size spools not having a place on the spool holder. It was past time for a new spool holder. I happened to have an extra mini-plaque from the hat stands. For the sticks, I was too lazy to run to the hardware store, so four chopsticks worked just fine. I “polished” it with the dark wood polish to give it a little color.

Now, I have one spool holder for the small color spools and one spool holder for the straw colors.

I had this fabulous celestial fabric from Chestnut Bay. It was one of those fabrics that I just had to have but had no idea what I would do with it. After finishing up the directions for the balloon style bag, I realized this would be a great fabric to test up-sizing the bag for modern use. It came out as a really fun bag.

Coming up….

I am not sure what to put for coming up for March. It have lots of little life things scheduled, including some stressful ones, but I don’t have any events planned unless I do something for Maple Sugaring.

For the year, I am looking at several GCVM events: Jane/1812 in June, Independence Day, Chocolate weekend, and the Civil War event in July, A Novel Weekend in August, Ag Fair in October…. I will be giving a millinery talk in April at a closed event.


It seems, I have made no progress on the Running Project Checklist:

  • The Super Secret Project
  • Pink Plaid Parasol
  • Rose stripe sheer 1860s gown
  • Pink plaid gown
  • 1830s dress (Still from 2017)
  • Red wool petticoat – hanging on the rail w/ the ribbon
  • Blue wool skirt with tbd work bodice – wool hanging on the rail
  • Embroidery on ticking relaxation project (kit from Colleen)
  • Millinery piece for me
  • Birdcage Windsor Chair – IN PROGRESS
  • Modern quilted silk bag – pieces hanging on the door
  • Winter Hood Book – LOTS of PHOTOS NEED TO BE TAKEN
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  1. Anna, if it’s any consolation, I too have the embroidery on ticking from Colleen yet to do! I do no have the oval hoop needed to do the project and have put off purchasing one over other projects I want to do. We will get to it sooner or later! I so enjoy seeing your beautiful hats and inspiring projects. You and Clara do marvelous work! You go girl!
    Judy Jett

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