January Reflections

This has been the January that hasn’t felt like January…. At least for me. I am going to attribute this to the unusual weather we’ve had here in NY. Usually, January is “batten down the hatches” and “curl up by the fire.” Not this year. I haven’t checked the data, but I feel like we’ve had more days above freezing than below. The snow comes… piles up…. turns to ice… and melts. It has felt like we are tossing back and forth between two seasons: winter and spring.

My sewing has also tossed between winter and spring, with an assortment of snuggly winter hoods and looking ahead to warmth straw. Here are the pieces I made this January:

I started putting together my birdcage Windsor chair. This was a kit I picked up at the Big Springs Museum’s yardsale last summer. I thought it would be a good winter project. I just have a few finishing bits before it is completely assembled. Then, I get to paint it. That will be an outside project, I think. I am teetering between yellow and green right now. I can’t seem to document bright blue for this style.


I happily added a new plaster millinery block to the collection. Be sure to catch the video about it’s arrival. It is a mysterious shape. This addition has me thinking about a display with the blocks accompanied by examples of the styles they make.

Coming ahead:

I think I will do a glove sale during February recess. I have so many gloves from estate sales, but wear few of them. It is silly to have them sitting around in a box. I will photograph about a dozen or two ranging from wrist length to elbow length and put them up in Etsy at fun prices.


I am going to try something new since I simultaneously have difficulty making time for projects for myself and recalling the little spur-of-the-moment things I make. In each month’s reflections, I will keep up a running project checklist to see if it helps me keep track.

Running Project Checklist:

  • The Super Secret Project
  • Pink Plaid Parasol
  • Rose stripe sheer 1860s gown
  • Pink plaid gown
  • 1830s dress (Still from 2017)
  • Red wool petticoat – I am now eyeing the brown moire ribbon – hanging on the rail
  • Blue wool skirt with tbd work bodice – wool hanging on the rail
  • Embroidery on ticking relaxation project (kit from Colleen)
  • Millinery piece for me
  • Birdcage Windsor Chair – IN PROGRESS
  • Modern quilted silk bag – pieces hanging on the door
  • Winter Hood Book – LOTS of PHOTOS NEED TO BE TAKEN
  • Jewelry box for me – Considering feet on the glove boxes
  • Something with the wool yarn and silk/wool yarn – yet tbd
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  1. Sounds like a very productive month. I love what you have made with the hats and hoods.

  2. If any of your gloves are a size 8 or above, I would be very interested in them, especially any above the elbow.

  3. I will see what I have. Fingers crossed.

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