And That Makes 100

I am still surprised there is a 100th piece of millinery this year. Even though it has been a little over a week since I counted and realized, I kinda amazed with myself.

While this wadded pumpkin hood is not anything “wow” or spectacular in its design or finish, it gets to be one with its own story, or stories.

This hood was started as a demo piece for Preparing for Winter. It was pulled together from silk remnants in the millinery box as I searched for my winter hood pattern pieces that were absent-mindedly packed whe we moved. There was just enough plaid to squeeze out the mismatched pieces. The brown shot silk soft in color to go with the plaid.

Along to the event it went with one other style hood to be made, J under the dillusion that I would finish one of the hoods and get started on the next. It seemed I had forgotten how long it takes to hand quilt and hand sew each of the construction details in reflection of originals. I also hadn’t realized just how busy the day would be. I managed to get the brim together and stuffed with nearly all the wool I brought with me.

In the basket the hood stayed until the next event.

If Preparing for Winter busy with visitors, Holiday Open House was doubly so. Again I thought I would finish the hood. Again I was wrong. I managed to get the back of the hood together.

I do think I was able to get in more stitches than breathes. People were very interested in how the pumpkin name reflected the shape and how it hugged the head. I found myself talking about the naming, where it can be found, how the hood compared in function and construction to the other hoods I brought.

To my delight, some guests remembered me working on it in November and were pleased to see its progress. For this reason, I’ve decided this will continue to be a demo/display hood. This way visitors can see it completed. They will also be able to feel the difference between wadded hoods and quilted hoods.

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