Holiday Open House

This morning, I awoke after the sun came up. After the sun came up. What a simple, glorious thing.

Today is Yule! Today is Solstice! Today was Holiday Open House!

It was a beautiful winter day in the historic village. There was a full blanket of snow fresh from the squalls earlier this week. The temperatures rose from the deep freeze earlier this week. With the sun being out, it was a great day for families to come out for the day.

Inside Foster, milliner and tailor teamed up to talk about winter weather attire.

Watching over us, the Reverend and his wife didn’t look quite so stern with their mantle decorated.

What do you get when you mix winter, hundreds of people, and a blur of time?


Lots of mud!

People came promptly at 11 for opening. They seemed to come a dozen at a time. We had them shuffle in and out in groups, filling the diningroom and kitchen beyond what I ever thought either could hold.

Then, at one point, I am not sure why, I stood up. Thus is when I saw the floor. Um? Oh.

Luckily, there was as many smiles as there was mud.

The day flew by in a flash it seemed. It has been awhile since I finished a day and excitedly thought “let’s do that again.”

Through the day, I worked on number 100. That is until I ran out of wool. I’ll be finishing it this week. Here is where it is at:

I did wear my coat that I’ve been working on. It has its quilted silk panels along the hem. It still needs its cuff panels and collar band.

I took a few photos before opening. I want you to notice the sorti cap Deborah Hyland made for me. This was my firt time wearing it. I love it. It kept my head nicely warm, which is especially important to me. I was supposed to add ribbons, but couldn’t settle between the green and brown I picked out.

Happy Yule!

Happy Solstice!

Notes: My cap and wristlets are by Deborah Hyland. My knit waistcoat is by Bevin Lynn. The buttons on my coat are from The Button Baron. Wool stockings are by Delp.

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