Preparing for Winter

As I walked through the doorway, both brooms fell…. Guests are coming!

oh! did! they! come!

Both the kitchen and dining room of Foster were packed full to capacity for hours. Many times, there was barely room to move.

I was very excited to finally get to work with the uncredibly talented Chris. But, I barely saw her. She brought her handmade Noah’s Ark set and toys for display as she demonstrated whittling wood. I wish I had more time to really look at her Santas and animals.

In the kitchen, I set up an assortment of handmade gifts including the dolls, winter hoods, a workpocket, and pen wiper. This seemed to get a good balance of interest. One young guestwas so caring and gentle as she held each of the dolls. Totally scared her Dad. I got most of the brim of a pumpkin hood done, but between talking and cold, cold hands, the stitching isn’t what I would like.

Oh….I discovered I need to reset the closures on my skirts because the kept slipping. 🙂

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