July Reflections

I think to wrap my head around this month, I need to do lists.


  • Independence Day
  • Inventions Week
  • GCVM Civil War
  • West Sparta


If I finish the piece on my lap right now*, I will have made 15 millinery pieces in July. That does not include the woven/lacey white bonnet, 2 doll bonnets, and a doll hat.

I didn’t take photos of everything though. I need to do better about that.


  • Bonnie the Bon Bon Doll
  • Ribbon shelf quest
  • Millinery sign
  • Parasol obsession

Rolling Around in My Head, aka What is Coming Up….

  • 15 millinery pieces in August
  • Extra fun secret to-do
  • Need a summery get together in August
  • Eliza Leslie book club
  • Domestic Skill Symposium workshop
  • FanU project – “FanU for Sustainable Holidays”

Personal Projects

  • Holiday season pin cushion and/or ornament tbd
  • Recover a parasol
  • Still want to make the pink silk dress
  • Doll penwipe
  • New sheer dress
  • Still need a 1820s or 30s dress
  • Chair kit – A bird cage Windsor
  • 2 dolls still need bodies and 2 need clothes

*While this bonnet was mostly made during July, it will be wired and bound in August after drying on the block overnight.

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