July To-Do List

Today was the last day of school. Time to write a to-do list!

  • Make a minimum a of 15 bonnets and hats
  • Make all of Bonnie’s clothes – chemise, petticoat, dress (needed for the second weekend of the month)
  • Find which fabric to cut for a pinking demo (for next week)
  • Make my brown wool skirt (for next week)
  • Get my collar on my dress (for this coming week)

  • Draft a new bodice pattern for my pink silk dress
  • Make my pink silk dress (needed for the third weekend of the month)
  • Find the China a home
  • Prep for the display shop
    • Pull out all the ribbons, and boxes and such….
    • Fix my fashion plate pictures. Find them.
    • Wire and decorate the woven bonnet for display. (fingers crossed)
    • Find a frame for my door sign.
    • Get to G’s to pick up my big sign if it is ready.
  • Write the things


  • Fan box
  • Ribbon display box
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