GCVM’s War of 1812 weekend

When I woke up Saturday morning, I thought I was crazy for time traveling in the midst of Regents exams. Now, I am very glad I did.

Here is a little video from before I was fully awake and not quite functional…

This was the first weekend for me to use my new frail. It nicely fits a millinery block, dampened straw, a display hank, and four bonnets. The frail made it very easy to carry everything into the village.

This unpacks and sets up like this:

This has become my standard straw sewing clothes for this era. I am working on a set of straw sewing, labor-doing clothes for the 30s and 50s.

We had a few non-human guests. The turkeys came to visit Saturday. The kitty cam to visit Sunday morning. He was quite determined to do his job of inspection rounds and had little ti e for me.

I nearly completed the bonnet for the weekend. I was about 3 yards short of prepared straw. I had planned to make the same style as my 2 display pieces to emphasize the cottage industry aspect. But as I got going, I discovered the straw wanted to make a higher, shaped crown. Here is the progress.

Random me… Proof of my giddy tired state Saturday morning…

This is a brief post because I am incredibly tired. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow tomorrow post because I suspect I will be just as tired after 4 exams.

Did you know… Several buildings offer the work of the artisans and crafters from around the village?

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  1. Oh, hey – we met! I was the woman in the yellow bonnet that ambled in towards the end of the day.

  2. It was great meeting you!

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