Toilet Envelope

This useful little project comes from Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1868. (Note: this is post war for those sticking to Civil War years.) This Nifty little folding case seems quite useful. But once again the short directions are as clear as mud.

Toilet envelope.

The object of this cover is to preserve the dressing table while combing the hair, and to keep the articles wanted in that operation, such as combs, brushes, etc. Fig. 1 shows the envelope folded; fig. 2 the same open. It is formed of piqué 22in square, and edged all round with a cross strip of piqué, 1 inch wide sewn with seam stitch. This strip hides the beginning of the Van Dyke’s which edge of the cover. These Vandykes are made of double piqué; each is made separately. On one side the cover has a smaller covering of cloth, which is bound with silk ribbon, and buttoned on the four corners. Tape is sewn for the strings, as can be seen from the illustration.

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