Hairnet CDV

Saturday I found myself headed east along what had been the turnpike throughout the 1800s, in search of the illusive gutted writing slope*. While I did not find the needed special box, I did find a few other goodies, several of which were from 50% off and 75% off booths.

Of course, this CDV jumped out of the “sale” pile into the “mine” with that hairnet!


This hairnet is so easy to see, it is a beautiful teaching tool. There are several things to notice: ~ The net is fine, very fine. It is likely made of silk. The beads appear to sit at the cross points of the net. Some appear to have a bit of shine to them. The net sits at or just forward of the halfway point of her head, going from ear to ear. She has opted to wear the net over her ears. I suspect this is because she dressed her hair to sit over her ears as well. Her hair is dressed inside the net, with braids starting above/behind the ears and draping very low on the nape of the neck.

Do you want to know more about hairnets? To Net, or Not to Net: Revisited takes a close look at hairnets, how they were worn, and how they were made, with images like this throughout the book.

*1 – The quest for a gutted writing slope is for a particular project with an all too closely looming deadline. What is a writing slope? Here is a video of an absolutely stunning one. I want one that is plain on the outside and empty on the inside.

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