This is going to be a post of miscellaneous random things. Just to prepare you.

I don’t know if I’m being super lazy or just multitasking, but for this post I am attempting to use my phone’s text to speech software. We willll see how it goes. I am wiring a straw hat while I’m attempting to do the post here.

I found this week I was having one of those moments where I keep running the projects I’m working on and want to do through my head. I wrote them all down in my pretty little planner, which really is pretty. But that didn’t satisfy, so I find I Must List and share them publicly.

  • Sitting over there, across the room, is the coat that I started in January. It has one sleeve on and one sleeve off. On the pinking machine table lies the batting and silk for its quilted edge. It has since accumulated a layer of Clara. Initially , I needed it for an event in January. Now it’s new goal date is whenever I’m going to be out in the cold again. Obviously, that is to be determined.
  • I have this idea stuck in my head for a straw sample display put together in and emptied out writing slope. It’s so stuck in my head that if I don’t do it exactly how I want it I’m just not going to be happy with it. So even though I initially had a mid-April deadline, I’ve decided it’s completely flexible, depending on actually finding a gutted writing slope at a decent price. And by decent price I mean I’m being totally cheap. I refuse to pay more for a gutted writing slope then I have for any of my nice ones. And for those wondering why in the world it has to be a writing slope, there are reasons there are really good reasons. Trust me.
  • Okay, so it’s been a long while since I’ve done anything with my travel impression. But, recently I’ve been talking travel bags with a friend. In this conversation, we came across a silk travel bag. It is more utilitarian than pretty. It needs a durable silk, a heavier silk. But it’s interesting enough that I really want to make it. It’s not essential obviously. So, it’s not on the Urgent list, but it’s definitely on the stuck in my brain list.
  • Next on the list is quite unique and I’m going to be a little vague. I’m going to make a bonbon doll. I may make 2, a big one and a small one. For the big one, I need the right head. I keep changing my mind on which one that is. I need it to be an affordable head and not a really good head, just in case. It will be cool when it’s done
  • It does bring me back to the dollies that need bodies. One Dolly had needs a regular body. And another Dolly head is going to get a pen wipe body.
  • In the midst of all of this there is the “do I want to make curtains?” question. I don’t really but the windows need curtains, and I have all this fabric, but there is such a pretty pretty pretty pair at HomeGoods.

Okay so watching this text to speech is rather hysterical. I’m going to do my best to go back and correct all the mistakes and get some punctuation in here. My apologies for what I’ve missed.

Clara stop it.

Okay so maybe I’ll leave that.

Lately I’ve been thinking about depth and breadth. Meaning the death of skill versus the breath of skill, or the depth of interpretation versus breath of interpretation. They’re definitely visitors who are looking for a breath of information, a little bit here and there about a lot of different thing. But at the same time there are visitors who are really looking for death, they want to get into the nitty-gritty about a particular topic.

In thinking about millinery, from me that includes the aspects of women’s employment, women’s business ownership, the the poor health Young milliner’s had in urban millinery shops, Urban to rural variations, the impact of cottage industry, and things like that. Each of these aspects have various challenges in researching them or writing about them, but they have a whole other set of challenges when thinking about how to interpret that or how to visually represent them in a demonstration or display setup. At the moment this is a giant question and goal for me. I want to figure out how I can provide depth in my millinery shop presentation as well as breadth. I’ve been thinking about what objects or arrangments I can use to aid in the conversations connected to that depth, which can of course vary.

Here’s a cute Clara photo, because you all need some cuteness. She is the guardian of the clips.

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