Refinements Challenge

Research evolves as more resources become available. Sometimes, it is “Wow research really evolves.”

This is great. How it should be.

But … there are those favorite things that we put so much time into researching, years ago; checking and double checking the details, making sure it is as correct as possible. We have used them for years. We absolutely love them … Yet, with all that new research…. they’re just not as good, as correct, as they once were.

These are old research items living in a new research world.

Take a Deep Breath….

….. It is Time….

It is time to let it go. You learned so much researching it and making or choosing it. It has served you well.

It is time for a personal Refinements Challenge

The Refinements Challenge:

  1. Select 1 material culture item or clothing accessory you currently use that is based on old research.
  2. Make a plan to replace this item, including how you will use newer research to determine what is correct and a timeline with replacement goal.
  3. Replace your retired old research item with an improved new research item.

I invite you to share the item you chose to retire in the comments below. When you do step 2 and develop your plan, please share that as well. Of course, as you accomplish your goal and complete the challenge, share your new item as well.

Local folks are invited to share their Refinements Challenge on the GVHI Facebook group.

My Refinements Challenge Choice:

1. The Item: The item I’ve selected to retire is my much loved carpet bag. I love this bag for many reasons. It was much loved by my dear Cleo. The frame was hand bent by my Dad. The plush deep red upholstery is the remnant of the chair I reupholstered for him. It is just the right size to fill and still be able to carry.

The bag was acceptible when it was made 15 years ago. It is still better than many bags curently in use. I just want a bag that is exceptional for reviving my traveling impression. Correct ingrain carpet. Correct construction.

This bag will be retiring to home use.

2. The Plan: I prefer to purchase a well and correctly made carpet bag made from real reproduction carpet. If purchasing proves to not be an option, I will acquire reproduction carpet and make my own with the remaining frame I have. (While I do have 2 original ingrain carpets, I prefer not to make a bag of those because original carpet is extremely dirty.) My timeline is comfortably a year because I do not anticipate reviving my travel impression for quite some time. In the meantime, I also want to do an indepth visual survey of travel related paintings to see what domestically made baggage was used, beyond what is currently commonly used.

3. The Replacement: tbd….

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