Almost Unpacked

I know. It has been months. I am still unpacking. This post’s title doesn’t even mean all the stuff.

What is unpacked? Well, almost all unpacked?

The plaster blocks!

Because of how delicate these are, I needed to be sure I had a safe shelf for these to live on before unpacking them. After some rearranging, there was finally a shelf

Don’t the bonnet blocks look happy all lined up in a row?

Of the bonnets, Serenity is not yet unpacked. She won’t fit on this shelf.

In fact, although I had pictured the smaller bonnet blocks and the hat blocks fitting on this set of shelves…. I was wrong. As you can see this block definitely does not fit. I am just not comfortable with a 150+ year old piece over hanging like that.

While we are looking at this block…. Does this shape look familiar to anyone? If you’ve been watch PBS’s Victoria, you will have seen a similar shape worn by several women in episode 3.

Hanging out, and fitting, on the shelf is the mystery hat block. This nifty shape is one I have yet to connect with examples of what it made. The waves brim is quite unique.

I will be writing posts soonish about each block and what shape bonnet or hat it makes. I thought people would like that.

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  1. This is just fascinating. Yes definately let women know what hat making is all about. I don’t think they realize what work you have to do to make your beautiful hats. I even appreciate my hats from your more.

  2. Having bought an untrimmed straw bonnet and trimmed it, it gave me a whole new appreciation for what your poor fingers go through making our hats and bonnets. I am very curious about the unidentified hat/bonnet and I LOVE the last hat block posted. I am wondering if I need to go with a wider brim, since my lower jaw is so much wider than my upper head and I might could go down in size, too. NEW HATS 😀

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