January Reflections

This year, I want to do end of the month reflections. This is an entirely selfish endeavour to keep track of what I do each month and have a little “feel good” over what I have accomplished.

This month, I finally made Mi a dress, made 7 hats that went up on Etsy, and worked on a coat that now has 1 arm. I had friends over, for the first time in a long time, for an informal “sip ‘n sew”. I hoppednover to the museum for a corset workshop, part 1. Part 2 tbd.

Here is Mi. The fabric for Mi’s dress was the perfect little scale. Her dress had to be sewn on to her tiny self. For more on Mi, be sure to check out my other blog Don’t Paint the Cat.

7 hats for January… These were each fashionable hats, one being a “fancy hat”. The decorated one is still available as I hit post.

The one sleeve coat was originally meant to be worn to Seneca Falls. But single degeee temps and a coming storm kept me home. Oh, it would have had the second sleeve for the event if I went. When it is finished, it will have both sleeves and a quilted blue silk edging. This coat will replace 10 and 15 year old coats, one disintegrating from over wear and loose weave, the other having the plague.

I had a new original plaster bonnet block arrive. A friend found it for me. I will be posting about that soon-ish.

For home, I started my portrait wall. The symmetry rebellion is pleasing. Who knew.

Looking forward to February… February will focus on the 1850s for a special grouping….I unpacked Serenity, the big wood block … I made two softly curved crowns that will be my first attempts at casting in plaster. I am finding the foam blocks just don’t hold up to the blocking long-term. Fingers crossed this works….I decided one day of February recess will be dedicated to sewing stash sorting…. I need to name the newest bonnet block….

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