2 Hoods – A Quick Look

This week, my collection of winter hoods and ribbons came home. A friend was housing them during the relocation. Among the boxes was a shipping bag containing the last two pieces I bought before life got disrupted. I never even unpacked them. I think they got as far as the freezer, that is it.

I want to share some quick photos of each of these. I still need to sit down with each to really look at the construction and details. That will be when I don’t have a head cold. So, these are just first look thoughts.

This is an adult size hood. The exterior fashion fabric is a black taffeta with a satin weave dot. It was received with the brim folded back. Black lace is attached to the edge of the brim. I will examine this process closer.

The exterior appears to be constructed of two pieces – a single brim, crown, and sides of the bavolet, with a trapazoidal piece for the back of the bavolet. I will look closer at this when I sit down with the piece. The back is gathered where the bavolet meets the crown.

Close-up of the fabric:

Close-up of the lace:

The interior uses a shot silk and a polished cotton. The silk has shaed of gold, green, and purple depending on how the light hits it and where the soiling is. The diamond quilting is only through the silk and batting. The rectangle placed on the lower part of the brim may be a patch as the opposite side has a different shaped piece of polished cotton.

This second piece is a child’s size. The exterior is a solid brown. Fibers tbd. The exterior is quilted with sets of three narrow rows. These narrow channels may have cording in them, tbd. The seam between the crown and brim is piped. The seam connecting the crown and bavolet may have the cord applied on top. I need to look closer. The brim folds back to show a plaid which is constructed from ribbon.

This may also be made from two pieces – a single brim and bavolet, with a crown piece. I need to look closer to see if I can find a seam connecting the bavolet to the brim, because I did not see one at first looks.

Notice there is no easily visable seam along the bavolet area. It may be skillfully hidden in the quilting. Or, there may not be one.

The interior is made with two solid fabrics, tbd. The whole of the brim and bavolet are lined with the pieced plaid silk ribbon.

I am pointing to the only seam along the bavolet I’ve found. This is nearly center back.

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  1. I LOVE the black silk hood! I am not a huge fan of quilted hoods looks wise but that one has some serious style!

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