2019 Projects and Goals

One of the non-project goals I have for 2019 is to take more photos and have kore photos taken of people in my life as well as myself. With my cousin passing last month, I found I needed to see photos of her. I know this will perplex some, but with Dan leaving, I also found I wanted to go through photos, but there simply are not a lot of photos of us together. I am one who needs visual and tangible physical reminders. These are my memory cues. While I do have a remarkable visual memory, photographs and objects still reconnect me with many memories that slip. With this in mind, I don’t want to find myself lacking photos of anyone.

Now, on to the various projects…..

Attire for Me

  • I need a new coat. Mine are at their last threads. Okay, one can work well for an impression needing a tattered, worn look. The other just has bad bad vibes now. I think, hope, I have enough of the dense black wool left for a hip length paletot. If not, the cream wool it be. In that case, I could go longer.
  • I have a few lengths of wool waiting to be made up into dresses. About a week ago, I woke up with the desire to make myself a wool dress. So, I will finally make up a length into a dress for me.
  • 1830s working attire has been on my wish list from last spring. I need some versatile clothes that will work for straw sewing demonstrations and general other happenings for the 30s.
  • It may also be time to make up travel attire. Proper travel attire. The research on travel has been buried for far too long. I have to work through what would be the ideal dating for the interpretation and thus clothing.

Smaller projects

  • My relaxing feel good project is going to be the Ticking embroidery kit from Colleen.
  • The dolls all need clothes. Well, not all of them. Marie needs better clothes. Mini needs everything from chemise out. Two dolls need bodies and names.
  • Series of pin balls has rolled over from a few years ago. I have a box, inside my pin cushion projects box, just for different types of ball shaped pin cushions. I am hoping this series will use up some of the small bits in the stash.
  • I have linen waiting to be a new travel bag. As much as I feel the duffle style is over-done, I have enjoyed my old one for well over a decade. Plus, they are so much easier cleaner to make than a carpet bag, which I do have another frame for, somewhere.

Millinery/Shop Goals

  • 75 hats and bonnets
  • 6 fully decorated hats
  • 6 fully decorated bonnets
  • Finish and release “The Dolls of Godey’s” (working title)
  • Write and release “Wintering Over” (working title)
  • Write useful blogs posts regularly.

I know I keep talking about a great stash destash. It is coming. I even have a plan. Let’s call it the Great Brown Bag Stash Destash. I have a bunch of brown paper gift bags. I will put a name on each and fill them with stash stuff I just won’t need or get to.

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  1. I so enjoy your historical research and detail find gs, as I don’t have such opportunity. I am sad that Dan left and took a piece of your heart. Know that women are valuable just as they are, and surround yourself with nice nurturing, and in your case, creative friends. Happy New Year to you!

  2. I think I need to make some goals regarding my sewing room and projects I want to get done. Your blog is a great reminder for that. I can’t wait to see all the new goodies you make. I love all the sewing gizmos and gadgets. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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