Itty Bitty Delight

Much to my delight, I discovered the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has a collection of hats in miniature, many of which are straw. These aren’t just miniature hats…. These are amazing, as in heart racing, how close can I get to my screen, put me on a plane now.

Yes, I have a problem.

Each piece is dated to the second quarter of the 20th century, but reflects earlier styles. The collection appears to be from Mildred Blount, of California. I asked Google more about her. She was a milliner for celebrities and films in the 1930s and 1940s. The LACMA collection pieces appear to be part of an 87 piece study of styles from 1680 to 1937 that was displayed at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. 87 piece! Can you imagine? Squeals!!!

Here she is working on some of the miniature hats. (this is the University of Texas blog post)

I am floored by the detail. The straw plaits Blount used are incredibly fine. This is straw we can not get today. I have 1 hank that I think would be the right size. It is the only hank Ive seen this size in person. Then the trims. We are going on 80 years old. The feathers boggle my mind. They are so full, fluffy, and shiny. Usually, pieces of this age have lost their vibrance at best. Nice job LACMA.

Okay, so, I was going to droll on about the details of each of these. But, I won’t. I want tpyou to go look at the collection. Drool. Zoom. Have your eyes pop out.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Those are *amazing*! The preservation and the styles- wow. I can see why you’d want to go see them immediately (and I do so wish I could have several of them in my size).

  2. What an incredible lady, and so talented. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  3. As a tatter/lace maker, the finer work just jumps out at me!!!! I hope you take the “white gloves” with you and a mask to catch the drool if they let you touch them!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us.

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