Happiness in a Box

This video doesn’t exist

Weeks ago, I allowed myself to purchase a cdv. It was quite the cdv. Weeks pass and a friend sends me a message. That message lead to photos and drooling. I was good. I saved some pennies and bought one, only one. There is a reason I wanted this particular one.

The new block is a very close match to the one in the cdv. (yes there is more to the cdv. No, you can’t see it all yet.) If anything, the one in the photo is a little bigger and mine has more curve to the brim.

On a side note: I do not think that hat shown with the block came from that block, the crown is too big and flat. Either that, or hats really do photograph differently.

I mentioned the freezer in the video. Instead, I opted to spray it with lightly with vinegar to kill off what I think is a little mildew that occured during travel. I have to be careful with vinegar because it will disolve plaster. It has a musty smell to it, which makes sense since my understanding is it came from and old old old factory.

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  1. It will fit me!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m so excited for you!

  3. Squeeeeel of delight for you!!! What a find! Enjoy the “new” toy until your fingers ache. I know you will make many beautiful bonnets with it.

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